Lee Powell

Lee Powell

Hello, I'm Lee Powell

I enjoy developing programs to help automate repitition and simplify life. Programs that I enjoy working on are things to help save time and money in life and business. I am a heavy continuous improvement advocate and I'm always looking for a way to streamline my work and maintain higher quality.

Some of my skills include:


MacGyver Web App

MacGyver Foods Website
MacGyver Foods Website Repo

We used an existing API, Spoonacular, to create an app that would help parents to find meals that they can make for their picky eater using the food that they have on hand. We would create a database based on what foods the user would input into our app and call those food from the api, noting allergens, to add some extra safety and for the user. We created a log-in module so that the user could save their information and food on hand.

Virtual Pets Amok

Java application for Virtual Pets Amok
Virtual Pets Amok project file

The virtual pets that we remember from childhood have started to run amok! Feeding, watering and petting isn't enough now. It's time to start oiling your Tomawhoosie pets as mechanical pets join the fun. Tick counters to keep the fun going even when you're done with the fun. Hash maps for all your data loving needs. Interfaces because you always need a blueprint when building your mechanical friend or things might get lost or left out.

Guessing Game

java guessing game app
Guessing Game project file

This project is more about team work ability and problem solving as. This is one of the first projects we worked on in class and none of us knew eachother and we came from different background and skillsets. We brought our strenghts together to complete a project where we didn't know how to complete the goals at hand creating a game that used random number generation and the user had 3 tries to guess what number was generated. This is an example of a program that we had not had enough time to complete with our collective knowledge but through amazing teamwork and perserverance we obtained most goals and a few stretch goals.